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An authentic Italian inspired international Coffee House, a temple of coffee with gourmet pastries to enjoy.

VyTA is a recognized Italian coffee shop, categorized as a premium brand. Embodying a new era of fine dining, VyTA intertwines a profound passion for gastronomy with a commitment to using meticulously selected and expertly prepared ingredients. This culinary excellence is elevated further through a fusion with architectural design, creating a harmonious environment.

Indulge in a delightful variety of offerings at VyTA, ranging from gourmet pastries to artisan sandwiches and, of course, exceptional coffee. Our commitment to quality transcends borders, encapsulating the essence of Italianness: a unique blend of indulgence and a profound sense of well-being.

Experience a journey where culinary artistry meets architectural elegance, and where every moment is an invitation to savor the true essence of VyTA – where passion, quality, and a touch of Italian lifestyle converge in perfect harmony.

Airport Coffee/Tea Shop of the Year (Highly Commended), Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport

Where is VyTA located?

    • Roma Termini – Train Station – Italy
    • Milano Centrale – Train Station – Italy
    • Torino Porta Nuova – Train Station – Italy
    • Napoli Centrale – Train Station – Italy
    • Venezia Santa Lucia – Train Station – Italy
    • Bologna Centrale – Train Station – Italy
    • Firenze Santa Maria Novella – Train Station  – Italy
    • VyTA Fine Food – Firenze S.M.N. – Train Station – Italy
    • Milano Linate – Airport – Italy
    • Milano Malpensa T1 – Airport  – Italy
    • Bologna G. Marconi – Airport – Italy
    • Madrid Barajas Airport – Spain: two points of sale
    • Tenerife Sur