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From the land to your plate. Sibarium brings you the best selection of gourmet products to enjoy in every bite.

Sibarium stands as a distinguished brand, curating a selection of premium gourmet products that celebrate the richness of local specialties. At the heart of our concept is a devotion to showcasing the absolute brilliance of each product. We take pride in uniting the finest gastronomic treasures from various corners of the Spanish geography,
highlighting products with designations of origin.

Our commitment at Sibarium is to communicate the essence of excellence through our products. To achieve this, we place particular emphasis on two key pillars: exceptional customer service and impeccable product presentation. We believe that the story behind each product, its origin, and the meticulous craftsmanship involved should not only be preserved but also vividly communicated to our customers.

With Sibarium, it’s not just about savoring extraordinary flavors; it’s a journey into the heart of Spanish culinary craftsmanship. Our dedication to quality extends beyond the products themselves; it’s woven into the very fabric of our customer experience. Whether you’re exploring the depth of our range or indulging in the nuances of each offering, Sibarium invites you to embrace a gourmet experience that is as rich in tradition as it is in taste.

Where is Sibarium located?

    • Barcelona El Prat Airport T1 – Spain
    • Madrid Bajaras Airport T4 Sibarium Bar – Spain: two points of sale
    • Madrid Bajaras Airport T1 Sibarium Non Schegen Area – Spain
    • Madrid Bajaras Airport T2 Sibarium Bar – Spain
    • Palma de Mallorca Airport – Spain