The Market

The Market is a store concept based on sensory convenience, clear and attractive, where product is the protagonist.

The Market is a global brand with more than 30 POS with presence in Spain, Mexico and in the USA. The Market was created to bring together in a single space a wide selection of solutions to complement the journey, both food and retail.

By integrating a diverse selection of products and services, The Market aims to redefine the traditional shopping experience for travelers. Beyond the transactional aspect of shopping, The Market seeks to create an immersive atmosphere where each customer can explore and uncover a novel concept of retail therapy. The philosophy behind The Market is rooted in customer satisfaction. The brand is dedicated to ensuring that travelers not only find what they seek but also relish the journey of discovery within the store by curating an environment that blends functionality with aesthetics.

Where is The Market located?

    • The Market: 11 points of sale across Spain and 19 across Mexico
    • Mini Market: 3 points of sale in Mexico
    • The Station Market: 1 point of sale in Spain
    • West Virgina The Market: 3 points of sale
    • Atlanta International Airport: 2 points of sale