Areas, a leader in Food&Beverage and Travel Retail, is preparing to face the reopening of its outlets efficiently once the situation allow. Toensure the safety of its customers and employees and to continue offering a great experience to travelers, the company is drafting a strict protocol to operate in a COVID environment, adapting to the guidelines set forth by the Health Care Authorities and the Government of each country.

Since the start of the state of alarm, Areas has been working and implementing a series of measures in relation to hygiene and health safety protocols, promoting social distancing and non-interaction between employees and customers.

Hygiene and health safety

One of the key elements in Areas’ prevention protocol is the safety and health of its employees. To ensure that the protocol is applied correctly, the company has distributed and trained its employees to guarantee the utmost protection, hygiene, and health safety of both its employees and customers.

The main measures that the company is implementing include the use of protective partitions in the payment area, panels to protect the food display area, the use of disposal articles and the application of hand sanitizers, in addition to masks and gloves. Likewise, the company has also reinforced deep cleaning and disinfection in its outlets, which will be carried out not only before the daily opening, but also continuously during the center’s opening hours. All the outlets will have informative posters on the need to use hand sanitizer or to wash hands.

Social distancing

Areas is working on designing a preventive sign and poster system that indicates detailed recommendations on the social distancing measures between people. Through the posters and signs that the company will display in all its outlets, users can always stay informed on the physical distance of at least one and a half meters, recommended by the WHO.

The capacity in the outlets will also be limited based on the guidelines established by the Health Care Authorities, while the different spaces will be restructured, separating them with plants, walls or glass so that customers can sit protected and safe.

Interaction between employees and customers

The use and application of technology has always been one of the company’s fundamental pillars. To minimize the risk of contagion, Areas will now deploy all the technological and digital measures that will help the company to achieve this objective. These measures include the use of screens, digital payments, self-service, click&collect and take away options, to prevent interactions between employees and customers. The company will also promote the use of QR codes to make orders.


May 19, 2020
Press release
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