A change of the status quo

For the people. For the planet. For the future of travel.

We present our program "Areas for Change”
Putting social and environmental sustainability on the agenda.
Change for the PEOPLE

Fostering security, diversity, equality and inclusion

Giving back to local communities

Healthier experiences
for everyone

Change for the PLANET

Empowering our teams
for Positive Impact

Heroes for Zero

Engaging our guests in
the sustainability journey

Change for the FUTURE OF TRAVEL

Igniting a cultural transformation
to create a better future

R&D to fuel
the future of travel

More responsible brands
for a better future

For the people
For the planet
For the future of travel

Driving a more just society, one person at a time

We embrace diversity within our team, leveraging inclusion policies and fostering equality. For our guests, we constantly work to provide multiple solutions responding to diverse dietary needs.

Fostering best practices to protect our planet

We are committed to improving the efficiency of our value chain, from sourcing and optimal resource management to promoting good practices in plastic use and waste reduction.

Writing the future of travel retail

We design innovative food experiences that push the food industry toward new horizons, creating new business models and brands that answer to the ever-changing needs of the food industry and our planet.