Areas Cares 2024: The New global ESG strategy

Among Areas’ pillars is embedding sustainability in our brand and culture. To guide us in the next years, we created a sustainability strategy with pillars and goals.

The New global ESG strategy named “Areas Cares 2024” supports a vision built on three pillars:

Health: Improving health for more than 350 million travelers every year: Sustainable procurement of our ingredients, culinary, healthy and innovative choices for our guests

Planet: Reducing environmental impact & emissions in our more than 1,800 points of sales, and improving waste reduction along our value chain (packaging, waste, foodwaste)

People: Enhancing livelihoods of thousands of people as we grow our business and same opportunitiers for all our employees

When we talk about ESG, we refer to environmental, social and governancecriteria, the key pillars of sustainability. These include:

  • Identify opportunities to increase sustainability leadership

  • Focus our efforts on the issues identified in our materiality analysis as the most important

  • Implement a responsible use of resources and reduce its consumption

  • Explore the environmental and social costs of the food we use and what can be done
    to improve it.

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