• After being awarded the macro-tender for food and beverage services in the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, Areas has once again been awarded another strategic tender in the capital and will manage the fairgrounds’ food and beverage for IFEMA Madrid for the next ten years. This tender is the capstone of the new project in which Madrid’s trade fair institution is taking a qualitative leap in its food and beverage options and is positioning itself as the culinary benchmark in the trade fair sector.

• Areas will operate the 32 food and beverage outlets, in addition to the central kitchen facilities and the employee restaurant that IFEMA Madrid has included in its call for tenders, which will translate into €121 M in sales throughout the operational period.

• The company will invest around €9M to transform the food and beverage offering at the fairgrounds, with completely overhauled options and culinary concepts from Madrid complemented with prestigious international brands.

• With this tender, Areas consolidates its leadership position in Madrid, becoming the main operator at the IFEMA Madrid fairgrounds, the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, the capital’s main train stations including Atocha and Chamartin, the Villalba (AP6) travel plazas and commercial food and beverage at the La Paz hospital.

Barcelona, April 24th, 2023

Areas has been awarded the tender by IFEMA Madrid to manage the entirety of the food and beverage options at the fairgrounds as part of a new model that will start in September and be fully ready in 2024, which falls under IFEMA Madrid’s strategy to take a qualitative leap with an innovative food and beverage model. The Spanish multinational company has been awarded the 32 outlets in addition to the central kitchen facilities and employee restaurant included in the call. This project is expected to bring in €121M in revenue over the next ten years.

Areas has won in the entirety of the food and beverage offering at the site, in which the company will be the sole operator.

Throughout this period, the company expects to invest around €9M with the goal of transforming the food and beverage options at IFEMA Madrid and to contribute to projecting the fairgrounds as a culinary hub in Madrid, with a unique, totally overhauled proposal based on the combination of renowned international brands and local concepts designed exclusively for this space.

Specifically, Areas’ offer for IFEMA Madrid includes truly iconic concepts from Madrid, like breweries, ham restaurants and tapas bars (Rodilla, Bareto, MásQMenos), as well as culinary restaurants such as Gastrohub created by the chef Nino Redruello; brands from Spain (Santagloria Coffee&Bakery and Pepito Grillo) and abroad (Tim Hortons and Tacos Don Manolito); healthy concepts (Aloha Poke); Asian options (Udon); and a selection of brands (Farine and Mahou), among others.

The company will start overhauling the culinary options this summer so that the first 12 outlets will open in September, coinciding with the start of the trade fair calendar. However, the project will also feature a complete remodeling and the creation of new outlets and large, beautiful terraces spread throughout the fairground, which is expected to be ready in 2024.

Beyond the culinary options, one of the most highly appreciated elements in Areas’ offer has been the Spanish multinational company’s transformative capacity, which will incorporate digital and sustainable technology and solutions to improve customer experience. For example, the Smart Kiosks will be located strategically, and sustainable development models will be integrated into each of its proposals, minimizing the use of plastic and reducing food waste.

The tender for IFEMA Madrid comes after Areas recently won 70% of the food and beverage offering in the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, which will give the company more than €1 billion in revenue over the 8 years of the agreement. For Sergio Rodríguez, the CEO of Areas Iberia: “Winning this tender strengthens our leadership position in Spain and the recognition of Areas as a benchmark company in the transformation of the food and beverage sector through innovative, diversified and sustainable proposals”. Rodríguez added that “our purpose is to show the hundreds of thousands of visitors who pass through IFEMA Madrid each year the best food that the city has to offer and in turn to provide a wide array of options for all audiences and trends”.

In addition to the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport and IFEMA, Areas manages outlets in Madrid in the main train stations such as Atocha and Chamartin, in which it has also overhauled the culinary options, in the Villalba travel plaza on the AP-6 highway and in the La Paz hospital.
Areas is present in 10 countries and provides service to more than 350 million travelers around the world. In Spain, the company leads the travel food and beverage sector and manages more than 600 restaurants and stores in spaces located in airports, highways, train stations, fairgrounds and the city center.

About Areas

An international leader in food and beverage and retail in the travel world and other spaces such as fairgrounds and city centers. Present in 10 countries, the company manages more than 2,000 restaurants and stores in Europe and America.

Boasting a team of 20,000 people and present in the main travel hubs across the world (airports, train stations, travel plazas), as well as leisure and exhibition centers, Areas provides service to more than 350 million customers every year.

Founded in Barcelona in 1968, Areas was created with the firm commitment to offer high-quality services to travelers. Since then, the company has evolved, becoming a benchmark global operator in the sector with in-depth know-how of travelers’ needs and the most extensive array of food and beverage concepts on the market.

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April 24, 2023
Press release
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