With 6 new food and beverage brands and a French hospitality, Areas is positioning itself as the benchmark player in operational excellence in the world of travel.

In this new terminal, the nerve center of departures to Asia and the Middle East, Areas has imagined with Malherbe agency a place to live and eat in the style of a Parisian loft, including 3 strong brands recognizable among all in a convivial Food Court, and two “Signature” concepts. The Exki brand will be accessible from the boarding area.

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  • The initiative will be implemented in three establishments in Madrid and Barcelona before April 2023 and plans to reach two million travelers in Spain.
  • Its cornerstone is a 30% reduction in salad containers, which adds up to 44,000 packages a year.
  • The project will be carried away bya consortium made up of Bûmerang, Ecogots, inèdit, Areas, Clúster Envase y Embalaje State Investment Agency of Government of Valencia and Clúster Foodservice State Investment Agency.
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Areas, a leading Food&Beverage and Travel Retail company, within the framework of the summer vacation peration, has kicked off a series of concerts that will take place during weekends in July and August. More than 80 performances will be carried out in airports, travel plazas and train stations during the summer season with the aim of improving customers’ experience at their stops along the journey.

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  • Initiative starts today and consists of Red Cross volunteers providing refugees with food and beverages at Barcelona-Sants train station, the Empordà motorway travel plaza, and Barcelona airport.
  • Collaboration kicks off in Spain and is expected to be extended to other Spanish cities and different European countries that help refugees via the nonprofit. Areas is already implementing this initiative in France, specifically at the Paris-Gare de l’Est train station.
  • Red Cross estimates it will need to care for around 250 people off each flight, while the figure could reach 800 people a day at Sants, including volunteers.
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Areas, a leader in Food&Beverage and Travel Retail, is preparing to face the reopening of its outlets efficiently once the situation allow. Toensure the safety of its customers and employees and to continue offering a great experience to travelers, the company is drafting a strict protocol to operate in a COVID environment, adapting to the guidelines set forth by the Health Care Authorities and the Government of each country.

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